duminică, 27 octombrie 2013

A peaceful morning in the desert and some rubber inspired mouse.I never like my mice creations.but i like this one.

joi, 24 octombrie 2013

some pet trex ducks that I wish I had encountered in some rainbow eucalyptus forest ...

miercuri, 23 octombrie 2013

marți, 22 octombrie 2013

a turtle with complete detachable turtle shell and levitation blood and a cloaca and some fish cartoonish  skeletons.

duminică, 20 octombrie 2013

finished my bunny tree for my bunny forest for my bunny related game that I will like to do.

joi, 17 octombrie 2013

cobra copesh I am thinking of changing the uv cuts because the blade is cut in hlaf and not in a good way!
some fish i try to get in a fish bowl but don't know translucency mapping  and stuff.

made o log iety but the leather belt overlaps in low poly mode. still don't know how to fix it.:)
second image a shitty pig caricature head  with low poly picture.

miercuri, 16 octombrie 2013

just finished the reverse dragon short sword and some cartonny -not cartoony skeleton remains for gaming. the sword is up for grabs i might work on some details on it  though.

marți, 15 octombrie 2013

some of my early and not that early 3d works. I am looking for  freelance jobs and people in the gaming industry to collaborate in making a good 3d indie game!:)
peace and keep it in the cow!