duminică, 29 decembrie 2013

This is how a forest cloud is born. first you have stuffed teddy that gets lost in the woods.then bad English and then rain that waters the teddy until its belly gets so fat and bursts open revealing a cloud  parasite that can make mushrooms grow and stuff. there is science and stuff in it!:)

duminică, 22 decembrie 2013

bearded dog on bone wit ornate collar that looks a little like seamore from futuramma and stuff.

joi, 19 decembrie 2013

walrus polar bear has been eating whale and fish for a month and now he is to big to move so like any other snake mammal he is shedding its' skin now in order to grow and be able to move again and the penguins are there to wonder how a bear rug feels like  ...they are indifferent

miercuri, 18 decembrie 2013

frog found a kinder crown and now it is indifferent because frogs have the eternal glaze in their eyes and the black abisal void of eternal proportion...maye frog is toad

luni, 16 decembrie 2013

twin wolf brothers in twin muffin clothes and mittens having a snow bunny for dinner and playful chit-chat and stuff.

sâmbătă, 14 decembrie 2013

brown honey-bear jug and brown chicken wishes all of you curigi and a happy brown day just like in writing pee messages in the snow and happy Jesus month and stuff...

miercuri, 11 decembrie 2013

goth girl protesting pink dye colorant that comes form a worm that doesn't really  exist...

marți, 10 decembrie 2013

german of not german kidney mouthed short panted chestnut raccoon hated midget ...of in short self portrait without the blue eyes  on  shrooms

luni, 9 decembrie 2013

bubblegum wolf chewing for romulus and remus  because the wolf doesn't want to give them meet and fruit.

miercuri, 4 decembrie 2013

monkey pipe for tobacco weed and stuff. you stuff tobacco in monkeys brain and puff tail until  the brain smokes!