luni, 8 decembrie 2014

joi, 27 noiembrie 2014

The half Egyptian lion half Mesopotamian half mole lion of the  vampirik teeth and triangles. it is a mole lion because he feeds on the scarabs of the underground metropolis  and stuff...

miercuri, 26 noiembrie 2014

luni, 17 noiembrie 2014

I made butterflies with lare oval poop holes and savant hats? the ice-cream is sprinkled with poopy things from the butterflies and stuff

miercuri, 12 noiembrie 2014

a mustache flower man with ripe white pants and the lemon is actually poop because the man has reverse ass hole and you can flick it.

miercuri, 5 noiembrie 2014

I have very serious mouse representations problems ....
I have a spine made of soft rubber
I have a heart near my ear in case I sneeze and fall of my unicorn

I improved the mouse with some stuff

marți, 4 noiembrie 2014

a simple low poly duck that is very hard to make because of the complexity of the duck form.

marți, 28 octombrie 2014

the ahead Halloween I am not going to do anything piece of salamander....just I wish I had some good gummy-bears!

marți, 5 august 2014

bunny with red nose in sepia and wire-frame mode.
sometimes a nose bleed is good for the carpet especially if you are in the woods.

miercuri, 30 iulie 2014

marți, 29 iulie 2014

indigo sword of the hamster-dumpster and stuff
a wire frame superhero inflatable stuff a sock down the shorts bunny 03 with the super hero power of calling chicken to its aid.

miercuri, 23 iulie 2014

the potential disintegration of matter that will form new cartoon flower and  poop.

joi, 17 iulie 2014

princes cut down the onion tips... green as they rot away in the soil
princes used her banana sword...  to open a can of heart eating worms
princes saw her face in the mirror...because of sailor moon 
the end.

duminică, 6 iulie 2014

a green dinosaur leg eaten by ants? the ants won't eat he lower part of the leg because the dinosaur didn't wash them for months! and because they have stink glands in form of Christoper Columbus but near the nails .

vineri, 4 iulie 2014

a baby in diaper but  with smaller ears then it was in the beginning also without teen penguin

miercuri, 2 iulie 2014

a frog on a skull for  cartoony dungeons and it looks nothing like the drawing but it's ok because courage the cowardly dog is not perfect!

vineri, 27 iunie 2014

miercuri, 25 iunie 2014

little red spaceship cu caca mitii pe la subsioara :(
I don't want to do topology for this...maybe a cartoonyer version with 3 finger palms and bunny kimono or just a belt will do.

luni, 23 iunie 2014

the small banana duck of the andian rain forest. some people might say that it-s body and color looks like a banana but the duck got the name from its small banana like shaped tail. some people say it looks like a platypus but the strange fact remains that the duck chews coco leaves and then farts mist over the mountains!

joi, 19 iunie 2014

this dog has yellow eyes from watching rubber ducks all day! today was not a good day for science!

joi, 12 iunie 2014