miercuri, 22 aprilie 2015

at the point there is a story but the monkey is that cymbal chimp from the japans toys factory but I made it without references just my memory of it and besides its best when you make your own reality in creation anyway...purr miu!

miercuri, 4 martie 2015

little dwarf skeleton wit fake painted ribs  and that mushroom that goes puff head low poly and lazy he doesn't move his jawbummer

marți, 3 martie 2015

low poly tree with skulls and birds on top of the skulls and a hollow stump  and stuff

miercuri, 18 februarie 2015

some blue dog ghost dog with  lejmas pink lejmas with mittens pink and blue blue and pink...black

joi, 15 ianuarie 2015

joi, 8 ianuarie 2015

simple polar bear in max that kinda looks like a bell or a iceberg or a fruit? anyway it is silent and sometimes poops penguins sometimes not...

miercuri, 7 ianuarie 2015

the max crystal bowl chicken mad in max almost  just some paint maps uv tiding in zbursh